As of August 2009 ACT has been sponsoring 12 boys aged from 16 to 21 who were once living a precarious life on the streets of Arusha. ACT is looking for individual sponsors for each of the boys.

They were taken from the streets and put into full-time education by another charity which unfortunately is no longer able to look after them. ACT has paid the school fees for 2009 and provided books, uniforms and other educational needs etc for the boys.


ex street boys - omari hamisi   James Salvatory

This is Omari Hamisi’s Story:

I am 21 and am a boarding student at Ekenywa Secondary School in Arusha. I am only in Form 3 now because I didn’t start school until I was 13.

I ran away from home when I was 11 because my parents separated and my mother couldn’t afford to look after me. I lived on the street for two years before I came to the drop-in centre in Arusha.

I used to sleep outside shops and in unfinished buildings. I begged for food and found scraps in refuse skips in the town. I am the first person in my family to receive an education and it’s really important to me. My hobbies are dancing and acrobatics.


This is James Salvatory’s Story:

I am 16 and I’m a Form 2 day student at Sombetini Secondary in Arusha.

I never met my real mother and I left home when I was 8 because my step-mother and father used to beat me. I’ve had no communication with them since I left 8 years ago.

I was on the street for 2 years before I came to the drop-in centre in Arusha.

There were lots of problems on the street such as insecurity, lack of food, malaria and other diseases. I know that if I study well I can reach my goals. I know that through education I can have my independent life.