ACT teachers and children with Claudia May 2017ACT teachers and children with Claudia May 2017

The kindergarten, for children aged 4 to 6, has continued with healthy numbers, between 80 and 90 children, over the last year.

The school benefits from the continuity and dedication of the three teachers, Suzana, Leah and Elias who have been with the school for many years. Elias started when the school opened in January 2002, 15 years ago. Special mention also goes to Ester and Naishiye who cook the porridge and assist in the classrooms.

The 2015, ‘Three Peaks Fundraiser’ by the Malaysian students studying in the UK, raised a total of £5000 and this has enabled ACT to continue to run the kindergarten by providing daily porridge, educational materials and teachers’ salaries. See here for details of their amazing challenge.

Students from Ashton Park, Bedminster Down and Brune Community School (all UK) visited the kindergarten and the primary school. The children enjoyed interacting and playing games with the visitors.

Thanks to Alison Farmer (Brune Park), Paul Miller(Ashton Park) and Ben Wills(Bedminster Down) for their donations and support.

Val Rogers(UK) was visiting for the second time in October 2016 and brought t-shirts and other gifts for all the children.

Claudia van Westen(Netherlands) has been a regular visitor and fundraiser for ACT over the years and brought more wooden puzzles for both classrooms in May 2017.

Rebecca Ellison(USA) who visited in November 2016 is currently fundraising back home to buy school uniforms.

The school also received many gifts of stationary from the safari clients of Karama Lodge, Arusha, who brought educational materials through ‘Pack for a Purpose’ which is an organization which encourages travellers to bring useful gifts to needy schools in many countries.