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From the Editor

Welcome to our tenth annual newsletter!

The Arusha Children's Trust, a small but active educational charity, is celebrating ten years of operating in the Arusha region. We thank all our supporters, donors, friends and volunteers who have helped to make our projects a success. We aim to continue supporting underprivileged children and young adults and believe that education is the key to a better future for the children of Tanzania.

What were ACT's new projects this year?

  • The completion of two teachers' housesÂ…
  • Secondary education support for ten ex street boysÂ….

What fundraising events took place in Tanzania?

  • Scottish Event in December 2008
  • Earthdance September 2009

Who supports ACT?

ACT is managed and run by unpaid volunteers.

Ishbel Brydon
Project Manager, ACT


Community Centre News

The community centre which opened in January 2002 in the village of Olmuringiringa continues to thrive with over 100 children aged 4 to 6 in the kindergarten. In November this year 77 children will graduate and move on to one of the nearby primary schools in January 2010.

Four dedicated teachers care for the children and encourage their love of learning. One teacher is completing a one year Early Childhood course. Following her return another teacher will embark on the same course.

The children and staff enjoy a healthy snack of porridge every day.

Sibusiso, the foundation for mentally handicapped children in the Arusha area, continues to visit the centre monthly to support the mentally and physically challenged children in the district via their outreach program.

The kindergarten staff thanks all the visitors who have made donations and have brought toys and educational games etc. Recently, the Skeggs family of five from England volunteered at the kindergarten for two days. They greatly appreciated the warm welcome from staff and children and joined in all the daily activities. They have donated $US 500 to the centre and to the primary school next door.

Claudia van Westen, a long standing friend and fund raiser for the centre came to visit in July and gave a generous donation which will keep the kindergarten in porridge for a year.

Earlier this year the kindergarten was very lucky to receive some boxes of picture books from St Jude's Primary in Arusha.

Jeff Fadiman from Guardian Angels donated 900 exercise books and a large quantity of pencils in December 2008.

Olmuringiringa Primary School

The classroom which was completed by ACT in December 2008 opened in January 2009 with a new class of Standard One students. The classroom cost $US 5,604  to build.

In addition to the desks donated last year by the Canadian visitors from TourcanVacations, Marie Adam (who was part of that group) and family purchased another nine desks.

In March ACT began to complete two teachers' houses in the school compound. Mr. Ole Supeet, the headmaster, has been helping with the materials and monitoring of the building. Some of the teachers have a long, tiring walk to and from school and ACT hopes to complete the houses by December.

In June 2009 the school was visited by Patrick Newell and Gisli Snaer of the 21:21 Educational Film Documentary. They worked with some Standard 4 students and filmed them in action in a cooperative learning activity. They donated $US 100 to the school for footballs and netballs.

Fund-raising in Tanzania

Earthdance 2008 raised $US 1,300 for ACT. This money went towards the teachers' houses building project. (See above).

Earthdance 2009 at Masai Camp, Arusha was held on Saturday 26th September and raised $US 1,400 for ACT. Over 600 people danced for peace in Arusha, in a synchronized event which was taking place in over 300 locations in over 60 countries involving thousands of people. It is definitely the largest synchronized dance event in the world to promote peace and to raise funds for humanitarian causes.

ACT thanks Masai camp for hosting and organizing the event and all the musicians, dancers, singers, acrobats and DJs who provided the entertainment.

The audience appreciated the wonderful ethnic creations in Sister Mwajabu's Fashion Show. They danced to the jazz and blues sounds of Mama C and the Dunia Truth Band and later they were entertained by Dudubaya and his dancers from Dar es Salaam.

ACT and the organizers thank the following companies and individuals for their valuable support and services:

KK Security, Alliance Francaise, Arusha Times, Wieke of Kiwieke Art and Design, Art in Tanzania, Via Via, Tanzania Breweries, Coca Cola, Pepsi and Imran.

This year the money will go towards the secondary sponsorship program for ex street boys in Arusha.

The Scottish dance event, or Ceilidh as we call it, was a small but energetic evening at Masai Camp on 6th December 2008. It raised $US 130 for ACT. Thanks to Annie Francis for helping to organize the event.

Sponsorship News

This year ACT is sponsoring ten ex street boys in different secondary schools in and around Arusha. ACT pays their school fees and bus fares. It provides books, uniforms, shoes and other educational materials.

ACT needs more financial help in order to support these young adults through their secondary education. If you would like to help please contact us for more information about individual students and costs.

How can you help?

  • $US 12 buys 100 exercise books
  • $US 20 buys 40kg of maize flour or 20kg of millet flour
  • $US 40 buys a desk
  • $US 68 buys a month's supply of porridge for the kindergarten.


Donations can be made through Paypal by going to the website or by cheque/money transfer to

The Bank of Scotland,
43, Comely Bank Road,
United Kingdom.

Sterling Acc No 06002520
Branch Sort Code: 80-11-05
Account Name: The Arusha Children's Trust